IIChance Launches a Judgement-Free App for All Digital Creatives

IIChance has launched an app that operates as a judgment-free zone where graphic designers, photographers, video editors, and content creators can post various works of art for employers to view and evaluate. The app also acts as a job search platform for digital media creatives.


Guatemala, February 9, 2023— IIChance has launched a brand new online platform for graphic designers, photographers, video editors, and content producers. The site strives to offer a stigma-free and judgment-free space where artists and creative individuals of any age or level of experience can display their work.

IIChance was founded to allow artists to freely express themselves and share their art with a supportive community of other creatives. Therefore, it offers a unique opportunity for both emerging and established artists to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience of fans and potential employees. Currently, digital media is widely spread and greatly influences how individuals interact and engage with the world and each other.

“We founded IIChance with the aim of providing a platform for individuals to showcase their skills and expertise in the digital arena. By connecting talented individuals with the appropriate companies, I believe that this will result in thriving and sustainable careers,” said Cristian, IIChance’s founder and current CEO.

IIChance identified the impact of digital media and created an essential app to connect companies offering job opportunities with highly skilled digital media professionals like graphic designers. IIChance’s app is easy to use and provides a wide range of features for artists to showcase their work, including a portfolio builder, customizable profile pages, and a powerful search engine that makes it easy for users to find and connect with other artists. The app also has a feature for each artist to search for job opportunities and communicate directly with job seekers. The app also features a supportive community where users can connect with others, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on their work.

“As our company name suggests, we strive to offer second chances to all creatives worldwide. Our belief is that the artistic community is strongest when it is inclusive and supportive,” Cristian added. “IIChance is a place where all digital creatives can come together and share their work, regardless of their background or experience.”

IIChance is free to use and open to anyone who wants to showcase their artistic abilities. Every content creator can create a profile and upload videos, photos, or articles at a small subscription fee. The platform is committed to fostering creativity and providing a supportive environment for artists to grow and succeed. Interested artists can download the app here.

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