How to Effectively Share Your Creative Graphic Design

How to Effectively Share Your Creative Graphic Design

With over 250,000 graphic designers in the United States alone, you need to do something to stand out among the crowd.

Still, with the Internet as expansive as it is, where is best for you to post? On top of this, how should you go about showcasing your creative graphic design in a way to draw the eye?

This article will share some of the best graphic design marketing techniques we have to help you on the road to success. As you read through, you can learn how to share your work in a way that presents you in the best light.

Work Pro Bono

Sometimes you need to make something new to show off, as things you already have might not be relevant or suitable for a professional portfolio. This may also occur because earlier designs are under an NDA or have similar limitations to your work’s visibility.

In this situation, one of the options you can have is to offer your services for free. Consider reaching out to small local businesses or non-profits via IIChance to see if they need logos or other imagery designed. Then run through the graphics design process to make something for them.

This can help you prove you have the skills for a paying client, but it can be a challenge to get started once you decide to switch to paying clients only.

Work on Personal Passion Projects

Instead of using a free client, you could instead be your own boss. Put something together that you care about and believe in.

This could be unique artwork for a team or TV show you care about, or it could be the design of something for your own use. You can then share this via IIChance to increase your visibility in the graphic design space.

Use Dedicated Portfolio Platforms

There are places online you can share your portfolio that focus on such creative endeavors. These will help people find you based on your specialty and promote you when you share your portfolio site with people.

Some examples of these might include Behance and Dribbble. However, IIChance is one of the more up-and-coming examples of ways modern apps are helping people share graphic design work.

Curate Your Work

Graphic designers like you need to make sure you do not upload your work haphazardly. To promote yourself to the right people, you need to ensure you curate your work and only post the right things.

Find only the best work you have, the stuff that shows the effort you put into something, and how professional you can be. Make sure to add descriptions in case people have questions. Treat it like a resume, and discuss any challenges you had in the development of the piece of artwork, too.

Share Your Creative Graphic Design Work

When you share a portfolio of creative graphic design, you want to make sure people see it in a way that makes it easy to understand what you put into it. That’s why we put together a platform to help you do just that.

IIChance can help you share your work with other creatives and express yourself with a supportive community. You can get support, receive feedback, or network with others in the creative industry by downloading the app.

So get started today and reach into the future of graphics portfolios.

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